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Mike PortraitHello. I’m a story expert.

My family was, like most families, dysfunctional in its own unique ways. Most of the time we spent considerable energy trying to figure out new ways to dislike each other. But a few times a year we’d all gather at the family farm and, with plenty of help from the liquor store, we’d have an amazing time.

To my 10-year-old mind, this was confusing, but I eventually figured it out: My family is bursting at the seams with natural storytellers. Whether it was my dad “accidentally” blowing up a truck, my cousin performing herculean hunting feats or my grandmother dancing with pool boys in Mazatlan, we told stories and laughed until our sides hurt. And for those handful of days each year, that’s all that mattered. I realized the right story could bridge any chasm between people, and I was hooked.

My passion for story has left me dangling out the back of an Army helicopter, standing neck-deep in 36-degree water until I was nearly hypothermic, cheering uncontrollably for a one-armed champion powerlifter… Twenty-some years after my childhood epiphany, and I’m still amazed at how stories affect people.

And now I use that obsession to create things that make other people want what you create. More to the point, I combine humanity’s ancient craving for story with modern video production techniques to make your company the problem-solver, the hero for your customers’ wants and needs. My goal is to help you build strong relationships with your target audience.

Want to learn more about the services we offer? Click on through. But above all, contact me to talk about your company. If I can help, I will. I can’t wait to hear your story.

– Michael Richeson
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I will care, deeply, about my work.

I will care, deeply, about your company.

I believe that business is absolutely personal.

Integrity. Always.

I believe in creativity and passion and beauty and the overwhelming desire to do incredible work.

I believe in being/doing good.

I believe in relationships and trust and truth.

I believe in doing work that I care about and can be proud of. No paycheck is worth being a creative mercenary.

I believe that better ideas and better stories lead to better business.

I believe in making people feel something.

I believe in what I do. And if I create something for your company, it's because I believe in you, too.