Smart Video Marketing


"Working with Michael was a treat. After I described what I wanted the video to do, he dared to ask me what I really wanted the video to convey. In other words, he wanted to hear about my big dream and partner with me, and he totally believed in my vision. Mike kept the project easy for me. He took care of a million details behind the scenes. Yet, he kept me in the loop and could always explain what the options were. Mike works very efficiently. The project was delivered early. If you like what Mike does, you can totally give him carte blanche. Sing Portland! is already benefiting from his work. Thank you, Mike!"

Marion Van Namen, Owner/Founder of Sing Portland!

“Michael Richeson is one of the most creative people I have worked with. Every project he has done for me has been nothing short of brilliant. Mike understands what the finished product needs to be because he authentically learns what the product is in the first place.”

Dewey Nielsen, Owner of Impact Performance Training & Jiu-Jitsu

 “Michael’s videography work is an art form. His passion towards story telling and the clients he chooses to work with is clearly evident in the end product video. He has deep insight into marketing, what drives people, and how his subject’s stories should be told to get the desired result. Everyone here loved working with him, found his approach really brought out the best interviews from his subjects. His pre and post production work is deeply insightful, detailed, with great follow through. When he says it’s done on Monday, it’s done on Sunday prior. We loved the videos he created for us and felt no one else could’ve told our story the way he did. Bravo! And we would absolutely hire him again and recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat!”

Dr. Maggie Yu, Owner of Sherwood Family Medicine

“My brother and I have been working closely with Mike. He’s an amazing filmmaker, and he’s been helping us promote our business beautifully. He’s very talented at what he does. We can’t say enough about the quality of work and the quality of person he is. We really enjoy working with him. He’s done amazing things to help us promote our business and help people see what we’re all about. If you’re looking for top-notch, quality film work, definitely get a hold of him.”

Nathan Adamson, Co-Owner of Adamson Brothers Jiu-Jitsu

“The fact that Mike’s video was posted on and added to the video gallery speaks for itself. The work is that good.”

Erwan Le Corre, MovNat Founder

“Mike made an immense difference in the creative projection of the university’s brand promise and attributes. Everything he’s crafted has been outstanding! He is able to touch hearts and stimulate thought through his powerful artistry.”

Tamara Cissna, Director of Brand Management, George Fox University

“I welcome the opportunity to work with Michael again in the future. I found Michael’s work to be very creative and concise. He completed each assignment on time and on budget. His writing exceeded my expectations. As a professional writer and media person myself it is difficult for me to find people that can deliver results to my satisfaction. Michael was able to do that on the first draft! I highly recommend his work!”

Lou Tortola, Owner/Inventor of RoundTail Bicycles